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A graduate of McGill University, Kevin is a former investment banker turned long track speed skater who has become fascinated with the world of amateur athlete sponsorship. With a media background Kevin leveraged his social media and blog platforms to fund his athletic journey raising the $40,000 per year required to compete in his sport. Follow Kevin on Twitter: @KevinJagger. Kevin is the Editor of PodiumPlatform.com.
Kevin Jagger has written 37 posts for Podium Platform

Sponsorship Step 1: Outwork A Bus Bench

For an athlete, one major hesitancy when embarking on creating an athlete sponsorship platform is pricing. Athletes puff out their chests with pride when it comes to their on-field persona but off it some cower to the question: “How much am I worth?” Most athletes who have been successful with sponsorship keep their financial information … Continue reading

Sponsorship Snapshot | Strong Twitter ROI for Canadian Freestyle Skier Eddie Hicks

  One of the great challenges facing athletes looking to develop their sponsorship platform is where to start. Where do you go to connect with sponsors? Cold call? Mass email? Blog post seeking support? Social media? The latter is oft talked about but rarely explained. On our Facebook page we shared an example of how … Continue reading

3 Lessons From Adam Van Koeverden’s (@VanKayak) Vanier Cup Tweet Debacle

While I hesitate to pile on to the already enormous backlash that Olympic Champion kayaker Adam Van Koeverden has received for his Vanier Cup tweet, there are some lessons for other athletes so I thought I would expand a bit. Know that while social media is a big asset and can raise your personal profile … Continue reading

10 Great Online Fundraising & Sponsorship Resources for Athletes

Successful athlete sponsorship requires taking advantage of tools and resources that are made available to you. You can’t just sit by the phone and wait for sponsors to call, you have to be proactive and make this happen for yourself. Some sites are not always easy to find, navigate and exploit. Here are 10 great … Continue reading

Funding Is a Fuel, Ensure the Tank is Filled Up

Saying that you don’t have time to improve your thoughts and your life is like saying you don’t have time to stop for gas because you’re too busy driving. – Robin Sharma, The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari While author Robin Sharma was referring to the importance of meditation, the same can be said for … Continue reading

Sponsorship Snapshot | Canadian Skier Roz Groenewoud Newest Target Action Sports Athlete

Canadian freeskier Roz Groenewoud (@RozGroenewoud), aka Roz G, joins Target’s roster of sponsored action sport athletes. The addition of an athlete North of the border coincides with Target’s recent Canadian expansion plans (124 Canadian locations opening up in 2013). [VIDEO] We are SO excited to welcome skier @rozgroenewoud to the Target fam! tgt.bz/6019pGjT — Target … Continue reading

Free Facebook Timeline Business Cards Offer from Moo.com

Your athlete brand is built through online and offline interactions. A great way to network is to attend events, meet new people and exchange contact information. But what happens when someone asks for your card? Typically athletes don’t carry business cards on them. It may come off as a little impersonal but there is a … Continue reading

Looking for Sponsorship? Maybe Start With Fundraising

Often the first step athletes take when seeking financial assistance is to solicit sponsorship. Unsure as to what their platform or offering includes they often give up shortly after starting when immediate efforts don’t bear fruit. A great way to start is with a well-planned fundraising effort. Its a small undertaking, involves leveraging your support … Continue reading

One Year In, Team PwC Boasts Roster of 9 Top Canadian Athletes

In June of last year PwC committed $1 million to supporting Canadiana amateur athletes through its Team PwC initiative. One year in the firm has amassed an impressive roster of Canadian amateur athletes at the top of their individual sports. Team PwC members include: Cyclist and 2012 Giro D’Italia winner: Ryder Hesjedal (@ryder_hesjedal) Swimmer and … Continue reading

In The World of Online Content, Athletes Have The Advantage

In the vast world of online content where do athletes fit in? Why is manufacturing an online audience so key or so important? For many athletes, specifically Canadian ones, the majority of live audiences are overseas, primarily in Europe or Asia. Selling sponsors on a gear sponsorship when few of their potential clients will see … Continue reading

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