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Shopify.com Allows Athletes to Fundraise Online with Virtual Storefront

Shopify is an e-commerce platform that allows individuals and businesses to create online stores.

Growing up I’ve sold it all: Raffle tickets, coffee beans, cookies, warehouse pallets and yes, even manure. Drudging my inventory door-to-door all in an effort to raise funds for one of my sports teams.

Not anymore.

The same way sponsor recognition platforms have largely migrated online so too has grassroots sports fundraising programs. No longer limited to your immediate family and neighbours, online tools allow you to market your fundraising inititaitives to an entirely online, and thus much larger, audience.

One such tool is Shopify.com, developed by Ottawa, Ontario based jaded Pixel.

“Shopify is the perfect way for professional and amateur athletes to sell merchandise online, host fundraising events, and monetize their brand” – Harley Finkelstein (@hfizzle), Chief Platform Officer, Shopify.com

As you build your online platform it should be with the intent to shift the funds you raise from pure donations to transactions where both parties receive value. The latter is a much more sustainable way of supporting your journey. Fundraising initiatives are a great way to establish recurring financial support and tools like Shopify.com can handle not only the payment processing and inventory tracking but offers you an online presence for you and your supporters to share the product and, most importantly, raise funds!

Not limited to amateur athletes selling selling cookies door-to-door, check out some of the professional athletes who have set up an online storefront leveraging Shopify’s comprehensive e-commerce platform:

NBA Superstar Kobe Bryant

MMA Fighter Keith Jardine

Super Bowl XXV MVP Ray Lewis

CrossFit Reebok

You do not need to be a big time athlete to take advantage of having an online store. Does your team have t-shirts, hats or even gift cards that they sell as a fundraiser? Whether you are selling 100 shirts or 100,000 the same resources can be put to use.

Have you used Shopify.com before either to sell something or to purchase? What did you think? Post a comment below sharing your experience.

About Kevin Jagger

A graduate of McGill University, Kevin is a former investment banker turned long track speed skater who has become fascinated with the world of amateur athlete sponsorship. With a media background Kevin leveraged his social media and blog platforms to fund his athletic journey raising the $40,000 per year required to compete in his sport. Follow Kevin on Twitter: @KevinJagger. Kevin is the Editor of PodiumPlatform.com.

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